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The Friends of St Kilda Cemetery are a not-for-profit community group working actively with Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of St Kilda Cemetery.

St Kilda Biographies


Australians, rise! Why longer wait
While parliaments prolong debate
On themes that new dissensions breed?

Arrest this paltry party strife
That bars us from the larger life,
And panders to provincial greed.
Australians, rise! No longer wait,
Unfurl the Flag and Federate.

Federation song by Henry F. Rix

These are the stories of more than 35 people buried in St Kilda General Cemetery. Most participated directly in the events that led to federation; others show important aspects of the building of the Australian nation.

Each story is one piece in an historical jigsaw. Put them all together and the general picture emerges of a new generation entering the twentieth century with growing confidence, awareness and pride despite inherited divisions of religion, politics, class and race.

As we enter another century and a new millennium, much of this picture seems eerily familiar. History is about our present and future, not only about our past. The road we have traveled as a country now extends before us with few signposts apart from the lessons of our forebears. They have much to teach us. This book is dedicated to all those who dare to dream, take risks and challenge their fate in any era.

A-Z of St Kilda

Did you know - the remains of three victims from the fever ship “Glen Huntly” were removed from Point Ormond and reburied in St Kilda Cemetery in 1898.

Did you know - that Major General Sir John Hoad, the Australian Army’s second Chief of the General Staff, started his working career as a teacher. His last teaching position was at Brighton Road State School no.1479, St Kilda.

Did you know - that on 27 August 1890 in the St Kilda Cemetery a memorial was unveiled to honour the early pioneers who had come out in the ship ‘Glen Huntly’.


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